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Afrikanische Schluklasse, Im Vordergrund zwei Schlujungen in Uniform, die Aufgaben lösen
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About us

HelpingHands was founded to provide aid for the needy, youth welfare services, and for the promotion of education and vocational training, including student aid. We operate primarily in developing countries. Individuals and projects in these developing countries receive our support and sponsorship in the form of funding for the needy, non-monetary gifts, and also services which help people with the costs of living.

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We grant scholarships and offer counseling, teaching and training to promote education, training and youth welfare. In addition to these immediate tasks, we at HelpingHands can achieve our aims by collecting funds on behalf of other tax-exempt entities with the same or similar purpose.

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Our promise

HelpingHands wants to offer all-embracing help, and to do this with a minimum of cost. This is why all of our managers work for HelpingHands on a voluntary basis.

During the setup phase, which is set to last at least until the end of 2016, all of the costs incurred are covered by personal donations from the managers themselves and from companies which our managers are involved with. Your donation arrives directly with the people who need it.



In the future, projects that are currently in the planning phase will be presented here. We are planning to support individuals and projects in East Africa and Asia.

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Ongoing donations project

Sternenlichter anders e.V.

HelpingHands is collecting donations for the association: Sternenlichter anders e.V.
Sternenlichter anders e.V. is a newly founded association with the aim of helping children and young people in the region of Eastern Bavaria, Germany. With the help of industry and numerous private individuals, we are providing support for the needy and children with disabilities.

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More information

Closed donations project

Project Magunga – World Vision

HelpingHands cooperates with World Vision Deutschland e.V. in supporting the Project Magunga educational program with at least 15,000 euros.

This support facilitates the construction of a school in western Kenya, where nearly 200 little girls and boys will in future be helped toward a good start in life and a positive development.

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More Information

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We also support education projects in Germany

HelpingHands supports projects for the youth and education assistance in Germany, including youth clubs, housework assistance and youth-welfare social educational institutions. If you need financial help for your facility or your project, then please apply here...

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